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Things that I’ve designed, implemented, and/or tried.

Customizing Facebook Pages

Over the last few days, I discovered a couple tutorials on customizing Facebook pages. I am one of the administrators for the MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) Facebook page. Prior to finding the following tutorials, we were using North Contact apps, which are good, but cost $19 per month. We were using 3 of their apps; one for e-newsletter sign ups, one for the welcome tab, and one for a contest we were running.

Thanks to a couple tutorials on the HyperArts website, I was able to setup the Welcome tab ( and the e-newsletter sign up tab ( using iframes.

In case you’re interested, here are links to the 2 customized tabs:

  • Welcome tab (why not ‘like’ MAF while you’re there?)
  • E-Newsletter Sign Up tab (FYI, this features some great stories from MAF folks around the world) [this tab is now gone]

Have you used iframes on Facebook pages? I’d be curious to check them out. Leave a reply and let me know.

UPDATE, August 11, 2011: Just today I added a Donate tab to the MAF Facebook page. This allows people to donate to the ministry without leaving Facebook. Since it’s in an iframe, it uses the security certificate from :)

New site teaser …

I’m having a lot of fun right now with a website showcasing my sister Sandy and her husband Luke’s home. They are getting ready to sell it and move to Florida, so I’ve come up with a fun little site with pictures, home details, and contact information. They are not quite ready to open the floodgates yet, but here’s a fuzzy screenshot to pique your interest:
For Sale
Shhh! Don’t tell anyone. The site will go live a little later this month. Stay tuned!

Current Projects

I’m working on a couple sites right now. One of them is Simon is my brother-in-law’s brother and he is a singer/songwriter. This is a pretty standard WordPress blog right now, but I’m going to be doing a custom theme and some cool additions. Keep checking back to see the progress. Right now, here’s a screenshot of what it looks like: screenshot - 02/17/11 screenshot - 02/17/11

The other site that I’m working on is for Second Street Antiques in Bloomington, IN. This website will be used for the Second Street Antiques online showcase, but it will also be available for antiques dealers and individuals to showcase their items for a small fee. Again, I just set up the site and I’m using the Open Classifieds PHP classifieds system ( I really like it and, even though the site isn’t necessarily for posting classifieds, the system will work well for the owner’s purposes. I won’t post a screenshot yet, since I haven’t done anything to change the default theme.

Until next time, peace.

Since my portfolio category is pretty much empty, I’m posting this to showcase a site that I did for my brother-in-law, Dr. Luke Flory. He is an ecologist and works for the Indiana University in Bloomington. He wanted the site to present his research as well as tell about himself. You can check out his site at

I actually did 2 designs for this site because he started up some new research for the Joint Fire Science Program, a government program that researches for fire and fuel managers. Here’s a couple screenshots: screenshot