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Outlook 07/10 HTML Email Rending Problem

So it’s getting around the Web quite a bit lately that Outlook 2007 and 2010 no longer render HTML emails properly. Outlook 07 LogoThe biggest issue relates to background images. At MAF ( where I work, I create the marketing emails that go out. I only realized this issue about a month ago because I was using Microsoft Entourage 2004 (Outlook for Mac) and it works fine. I have since installed Outlook ’07 for testing purposes and have had a major headache getting it to render the emails properly.

As I usually do, I asked Google to help me solve the problem and I eventually found this post by Brian Thies on the Campaign Monitor forum: I tried his suggestion and it worked great!

Since I found something that might be useful for someone else, I wanted to post the link here, just in case it could help someone else.